The Zenith Lean Way

The Zenith Lean Way

Hello We are Lean Six Sigma champions - and we ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’.

  • We are the enemy of process waste
  • We dislike the unnecessary and costly
  • Our prices are clear and straightforward and you do not pay for unnecessary add-ons
  • Our tutors are:
    • Educated to Masters level
    • Are qualified trainers in previous roles
    • Experienced managers within top 100 companies
    • Experienced in leading Six Sigma transformations at corporate and business unit level
  • We have designed our Lean Six Sigma Pathway so you can progress to a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, via Yellow and Green Belt certifications - so you can complete the entire Pathway for the price of a Black Belt without paying extra for courses
  • We provide world leading SCORM accredited Lean Six Sigma online training, because we focus on just that - Lean Six Sigma. Websites that offer ‘other courses’ have limited content
  • We do not engage with resellers

Zeniths advanced technology systems are at the forefront of Lean Six Sigma TrainingZenith Lean and the Environment

  • Zeniths advanced technology systems are at the forefront of Lean Six Sigma Training
  • Our SCORM accredited learning management system proves our commitment to the environment
  • We always ask potential customers to consider e-learning on our system before committing to an instructor led public training workshop or training course, where 95% of CO² emissions are produced
  • The reductions in CO² emissions for travelling and international flights are considerable if you choose e-learning with us because you can access our training anywhere in the world without the need to travel

Our training conforms to four environmental criteria:

  • Sustained reduction of CO² year on year
  • Zero anticipated CO² year on year by 2016
  • Sustained paper free reductions year on year
  • 95% of materials are reusable or recyclable and all paper training material is recycled
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