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Is Zenith an ASQ certified provider?

Certified worldwide training

There is no accreditation body for Lean or Six Sigma. ASQ is an American company dedicated to quality. It is NOT an internationally Lean Six Sigma recognised standard. If you look at training providers who say they are accredited to ASQ, BQF etc, you are paying for that. It is a useless ticket that will not give you any advantage over someone who knows what they are talking about, say, in interviews etc.

We get questions like this all the time, ASQ, BQF, ISO, LERC, CIPD,CMI, International universities etc. They all take between $2000 and $20000 to partner with.

If anyone should accredit Lean and Six Sigma, it should be Toyota and Motorola - but even they would not because to do so they would need to give away corporate secrets.

Employers do not require or ask for ‘accreditation’ anyway. They focus on competence.

Lastly, it must be said - Lean or Six Sigma is not a quality management system. They affect and effect quality with the use of tried and tested thinking, some tools and some techniques that are appropriate to THAT culture. This is why Toyotas quality slumped when they were under pressure to introduce ISO9001 and induce structures and methods that were adverse to their culture. Lean in particular can be thought of as a holistic approach to process improvement because the psychology of Lean attracts improvement by all staff if it is done properly, with the benefit of all staff at the forefront of this thinking. Visual management techniques are an excellent example of this.

If I choose to do my training with Zenith Lean what benchmark standard can I expect?

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Our Six Sigma on-line and open access courses are conducted in conjunction with ISO 13053 Part 1 and Part 2

ISO 13053, Part 1 - DMAIC

This gives you recommendations of how to conduct each phase of the DMAIC method (define, measure, analyze, improve and control). Zenith’s course is compliant

It also provides users with clarification on how best to manage Six Sigma projects by defining the roles, expertise and training of the people involved in Six Sigma projects.

BS ISO 13053, Part 2 - Tools and techniques

This standard describes the tools and techniques to be used at each phase of the DMAIC approach. These include; what the tool or technique involves - why the tool or technique is used - step by step instructions of what you need to do and guidelines and references to further information.

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