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Why should I train with Zenith Lean Training instead of other Lean Six
Sigma training companies?

Student on the phone

The person you speak to on the phone is actively engaged in Lean or Six Sigma work covering many different and varied professions and disciplines. Their experience and knowledge in training Lean and Six Sigma to company personnel or to individuals covers many years with a 100% success rate.

The prices for our courses are structured to reflect the current financial climate and we offer all our potential students the use of an Instalment Payment Plan for their online training.

We have no hidden costs when it comes to Certification.

As well as your on-line and open access training do you offer bespoke
company in-house training?

Lean training course

At Zenith Lean offer a unique corporate in-house training programme for companies wishing to train their staff on their premises.

The Green Belt training is normally delivered over five working days but if required it can be delivered over four long days.

The Black Belt training consists of 2 weeklong modules consisting of four days per module in a normal working day.

The costs of Zenith’s in-house training courses are very competitive and we at Zenith Lean are always willing to discuss terms and conditions to our courses to fit to our customers’ requirement.

Please ask for our corporate in-house training brochure that offers more information regarding this type of training.

What is your cancellation policy for in-house courses?

The cancellation policy is:

We require payment of 50% of the original course that has been agreed one month before training starts and then the remainder one week before training starts. All materials are printed in the latter period.

We scale the latter 50% at a reduction of 12.5% per week. Therefore, let’s say you cancelled two weeks before training was due to start. Therefore the cancellation fee would be 75% of the original fee.

What is your postponement policy for in-house company courses?

As for postponement, we normally require one months notice because we commit our revenues and resources nationwide for other courses. It is almost impossible to arrange a new course to fill in the gaps in the schedule, since this is a very niche and specialist market.

I already have a Green Belt qualification do you have a conversion or
upgrade to Black Belt course?

Time to upgrade

We do a conversion / upgrade courses from Green to Black Belt.

We have a company policy that before a student enrols on the Black Belt conversion course we would need to see the Green belt qualification and the work carried out to obtain this qualification. This would be followed by a conversational assessment with the Master Black Belt tutor; this is carried out to verify the students understanding of the Green Belt level and the project work they carried out.

What methods of payment does Zenith Lean Training have?

We have three methods of payment:

  • You can pay the whole cost of the course by either bank transfer or by cheque
  • You can use our instalment plan payment (one deposit followed by monthly instalments)
  • You can pay by debit card or credit card over the phone

My employer and I will share the costs, so what is the easiest way without us adding another supplier to our supply base? How do I proceed?

You can use the normal payment methods that are: BACs transfer, Cheque, via debit or credit card or over the telephone.

I am interested in the Black Belt course. Are you able to tell me the type of firms that have used you before? I ask this as it may guide my search for employment

Global marketplace

If you mean the firms that have used our training, they cover the full spectrum. Financial services, Healthcare, aerospace, car manufacturing, we have students right across the spectrum.

Lean and Six Sigma consultants, business owners, food manufacturing, training companies and chartered surveyors, law firms etc. We have had them all on our books! This course will cover and give you cross discipline methods and tools that will give you a competitive edge no matter what the industry or sector you are working in.

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