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What advantages are there in doing the on-line course?

  • On-line training costs are far lower than the open-access course by 60% to 70%
  • On-line training allows each individual to learn at their own pace
  • You can decide when you want to do the training in your own time whether it’s weekdays, nights or weekends or at work provided you have authority to do so
  • You can download professional templates at no extra cost
  • You will enter a coaching relationship with your tutor/mentor/coach and facilitator during the period of the license and we at Zenith Lean are more than happy to continue this relationship once you have been certified and are working within your company as a Six Sigma practitioner
  • You will have the ability to return to previous modules to consolidate understanding. You will have access to the online training over a predetermined period for Green and Black. Licences are easily renewed for a cost of £120
  • There is no requirement to be away from your workplace to do this type of course
  • Those passing the open/public access courses and our online course will be awarded the same certificate

I have an agreement with my CEO for a contribution to an open access course, I don’t know how he feels if I take that online. Everywhere I go, people tell me that online black belt training doesn’t do the job. On the other hand, I am in the start up for a LSS project, so certification should be no problem, I can take that with the bosses.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course training folder

I wonder how many people who have spoken to you have actually done our online training. We would prefer to call it distance learning since you are allocated a tutor who you can contact anytime within the working day. Provided you are on a SCORM accredited Learning Management System, there is every possibility that you will learn up to 80% more than an attendance course (backed up by research). Please read our authorised testimonials.

What training materials are made available to me during the course?

We at Zenith Lean will supply all your course material as well as access to downloadable Free excel templates, Free 5S audit system in excel, Free module on SMART Targets. We will also give you access to Population training, Downloadable reports and various online reports... all these can be used in your day to day Lean Six Sigma work.

What prior knowledge of statistics do students require before starting the course?

iPad showing data and graphs

Our course is descriptive enough to take the student through without any real knowledge of statistics and should there be any problems our experienced tutors (Six Sigma Black Belts) will guide the student through it.

Do you have Master Black Belt trainers that can be contacted throughout the course?

Once you have started the training you will be assigned to one of our Senior Master Black Belt tutors. They are available for you during normal office hours and email 24/7.

Do you provide any support for acquiring Minitab and is it required on your courses?

Our courses are not designed to be focused on Minitab. This software is just an enabler that is in a Black Belts toolkit. Minitab projects are not mandatory! Minitab requires licensing and due to the cost we do not provide support. By operating this way we can keep the cost of our courses down to a minimum. There is a module on Minitab because this is the software of choice for Black Belts, and we ask people to download a 30 day free trial that you can use to complete some simple exercises that complete the Green and Black Belt level of training.

Do we have to complete a project to certify?

Planning folder and project materials

The Green and Black Belt courses require completion of one simple case study for Green Belt and two for Black Belt. These are normally done via the structured exercises that build the project as you progress, so there is no rework, very little over-processing and it is as efficient for you as you can get.

We provide the templates for data gathering and the analysis is Microsoft Excel based, the student undertakes the project and presents the results! As long as they can show learning has taken place and that they are proficient enough to do process improvement that is all that matters. To provide this material, we need to be flexible to cover all scenarios, because we understand the differing circumstances people are in.

Do you provide a case study for the project?

We can provide case studies for all our courses should the student require them.

Are your Green and Black Belt Six Sigma courses designed for service or manufacturing?

Design, manufacture, service

All our Lean Six Sigma Belt courses contain aspects of service and manufacturing and this is a requirement contained in the LRC scheduling that gives Zenith Lean the syllabus for the course content.

It is important to point out that Lean Six Sigma is an Improvement methodology that can be used in any profession or trade or in any type of business the key to its success is how you actually apply it.

Is your content compatible with iPhone, Android devices and iPad?

Yes, all devices are compatible and you can conduct your training anywhere anytime anyplace. We are the only provider who has this capability, since flash based e-learning used by all other providers really struggle with iPad and iPhone especially. They will tell you it does not, but Apple, for instance, does not support Flash content.