In this module we will take an in-depth look at 5S and 6S, establish the difference between them, and how to carry out 5S and 6S audits to establish a benchmark that will set the pace for future efficiency.

We will challenge you to develop what we call "5S/6S eyes". This allows us to see where the problems and issues are. We will steer you through the module with examples and short exercises to develop your all seeing 5S and 6S ability.

The Lean approach of 5S / 6S is a methodology for people and businesses to use in order to develop their working environment whatever the business sector they are working in.

Why choose us?

  • We use the full, undiluted Lean Curriculum
  • Our exams are secured to the ISO 20074 Standard
  • If you are not satisfied with our SCORM accredited online training, we will give you your money back plus 10% extra - guaranteed!

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Our Course

Industrial factory

Zeniths 5S /6S online training has been uniquely developed to guide the student through the various stages using our bespoke Learning Management System (LMS).

Most other companies will only offer the 5S training but we believe that a further understanding to include the 6S is very important. This is the recognition of Safety and how this can affect business strategy (Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Disaster)

Our 5S / 6S course will give you an insight to the various techniques that can be used including Workplace set-up (Productivity Cell principles), Auditing, Identification of WASTE together with Visual and Display Management.

Our course offers free materials that include various templates, the Zenith Lean step by step approach to 5S/6S, exercises and simulations that you will be able to access and download through our bespoke Learning management System. Our templates can be re-branded for you to use when carrying out your own 5S/6S programme to allow to have a positive immediate impact on your workplace environment, whether it is an office or service based function or manufacturing.

5S /6S Course Content and Student Objectives

  • History behind the use of 5S/6S
  • The different terminology between the Western and Japanese approach
  • An understanding of the difference between 5S and 6S
  • In-depth look at the elements of 5S and 6S and what they offer the user
  • How Visual Management plays an important part in the 5S/6S programme
  • How the removal of WASTE can affect the outcome of the 5S/6S programme
  • Understand the need to RED tag various components
  • When to use 5S/6S in the workplace or the office
  • Understanding the components of the Workplace Set-up
  • How to combine the 5S/6S methodology when establishing the Workplace Set-Up
  • Understanding the requirement of the Auditing procedure and how to write objective audit questions
  • Work place Audit exercises
  • Various before and after pictures and explanations of the use of the methodology
  • Certification in the Lean Approach to 5S and 6S