Workplace Organisation set-up is a model for workplace design and it has become an integral part of Lean Manufacturing systems and office based activities. Workplace Organisation set-up is based upon the principles of group technology which seeks to take full advantage of the similarity between parts, through standardisation and common processing.

The goal of Workplace Organisation set-up (commonly known as a Cell in Lean terms) is the aggressive elimination of waste to give staff an error free environment and in doing so allows them achieve maximum efficiency of resources.

Industrial workplace

Workplace Organisation, sometimes called cellular or cell production, arranges the working environment into semi-autonomous functions with multi-skilled teams, or work cells, which carry out their task in a productive, waste free environment. This is achieved by the combination of four major Lean thinking elements FLOW - STANDARD WORK - PULL - 5S/6S.

Properly trained and implemented Workplace Organisation are more flexible and responsive than the traditional working environments and can manage processes, defects, scheduling, equipment maintenance, and other issues more efficiently.

Our Workplace Organisation modular course forms part of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course , the Black Belt course as well as the Lean Foundation and Lean Practitioners course

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Online, In Public, In-House

By the end of the course individuals and companies will understand the principles of the Workshop Organisational setup and its application in the workplace.

Course Syllabus

  • Understanding the principles of the Workplace Organisation
  • Understanding the requirements for developing work cells
  • Use of the 5S/6S Methodology in workplace design
  • Understanding the workplace layout using Paper Doll application
  • Design for workplace layout
  • Purpose of the U shaped layout
  • Importance of Flow, Pull and Standard Work
  • Development of the Workplace Organisation implementation plan

Benefits of the Course

The benefits of this course to the individual and organisations will give them the ultimate understanding in the development and design of the efficient workplace:

  • Understand the need to maximize value added by each worker
  • Be able to minimize part movement and inventory
  • Will understand how to reduce lead times, cycle times and waiting times
  • Identify how to increase productivity and quality performance
  • Will be able to recognise and free up floor space
  • Understand the need to improve efficiency of cross-training workers
  • Have better communication skills