The Zenith Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course initially follows the first stages of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and the Lean Foundation course. The course then enters the Green Belt and Black Belt phases.

All Black Belt Students automatically become members of Zeniths LeanLEADrs community!

What is LeanLEADrs?

LeanLEADrs are people who are part of a community who get real life access to ACTUAL Lean Six Sigma implementations in real life organisations! LeanLEADrs get supplementary information straight to their inbox to support them in their continuous development - forever!

This Black Belt course is unique to Zenith, since it is a specially designed course to give potential Lean Six Sigma practitioners a complete understanding of the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies and how they complement each other when used concurrently.

We have found that most available Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is severely deficient in the Improve Phase because the use of Lean tools and techniques is poorly understood even by ‘experienced’ Black Belts. In addition to the general Syllabus that you see, Zenith has combined the Black Belt course with the Lean Practitioners course to give you the best field of knowledge there is. Zenith's knowledge and experience can then generate the drive to move forward in the field of Lean Six Sigma to achieve Master Black Belt or Senior Lean Consultant recognition.

Why choose us?

  • We use the full, undiluted Lean and Six Sigma Curriculum
  • Our exams are secured to the ISO 13053 part 1 & 2 Standard
  • ASQ (American Society for Quality) Accreditation
  • If you are not satisfied with our SCORM accredited online training, we will give you your money back plus 10% extra - guaranteed!

  • The Course Delivery

    Online, In Public, In-House

    Training course illustration

    Zenith Lean offers potential students the choice of three different methods of doing the course, either by In-house training, open access workshop or using our world class online training facility, and all types of course follow the same syllabus.

    The online course using our learning management system (SCORM accredited) is the only course in the UK that has a SCORM accredited Lean Six Sigma platform, and one of only three in world. This has the advantage to the individual of working at their own speed and time with the facility to communicate with tutors and other students via the platform. The course has maximum licence duration of twelve months. (However, should there be a need to extend the licence, we can renew the licence). As part of this learning platform, and as part of the public and in-house courses, you will have exclusive access to our downloadable presentations, excel spreadsheets, excel tools and templates worth thousands of pounds and Word/pdf examples and templates, some of which you can rebrand and use for your own use. These alone are worth thousands of pounds!!

    If you are new to Lean or Six Sigma, you will have all the tools necessary to make a huge impression on your new or current employers. No other training provider can give you this head start with the tool kit we provide at no extra cost.

    Typical online duration 35 hours - Exercises: 20 hours - Project Time: 20 hours approx

    Lean Training tutor

    The open access course (public or company in-house) is run over eight days (initial five days - one week later - another three days. This is to minimise the time individuals are out of the business, and is intensive. Zeniths Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course encompasses contemporary training methods, our Lean Six Sigma tutors deliver the training using lectures, presentations, Brief - monitor - debrief sessions , advanced accelerated learning techniques using metaphors, anchoring, analogies and stories that appeal to the seven learning styles, group exercises, simulations as well as teach backs, case studies, video clips, games and discussions.

    As an added bonus to our in-house and public training customers, during your training and for up to twelve months afterwards you will have access to our online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course via our e-learning portal to allow you to review the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt methodology where you can take advantage of our downloadable presentations, excel spreadsheets and Word/pdf examples and templates. Our students are also lifelong friends, and we welcome and continue collaboration after the training.

  • Support

    Personal coaching

    Interaction with tutors can really add significant value to your learning experience!

    At Zenith you have access to an amazing pool of knowledge and experience! Our subject specialists have had long careers in the Lean Six Sigma profession, and have also been training managers and all work as consultants for a range of businesses. They are here to share their knowledge and experience with you, help you develop your understanding and guide you through the learning process. All specialists are available 24/7.

    At Zenith we will also give you "Life Time" support on completion of your course through email/Skype or telecon at no extra cost to you.

    Taking full advantage of our service and benefiting from working as part of a team can positively impact on your motivation and lead to great success. We are here to help and motivate you achieve your goal in a time and cost effective manner.

  • Who is it for?

    We, at Zenith, listen to what our customers are saying, and we know the issues they face. We recognise that customers have different needs, therefore we provide to options:

    Option 1 - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ‘standard’ edition

    Lean manufacturing list of benefits

    This course is ideal for people who are not delivering Lean Six Sigma projects in their current role, for example senior leaders who ‘just need to know’ what it entails so that they can champion process improvement, project managers, people seeking to return to employment, recruitment agencies who wish to specialise in this field or people wishing to apply for work in this field for the first time.

    An achievable case study is provided to guide you through the project phase.

    Option 2 - Lean Six Sigma ‘Professional’ editions

    Business training seminar

    This option is ideal for those who are on Continuous Improvement teams, or anyone else that is, or will be doing work placed Lean Six Sigma interventions - including consultants. Zenith provides all the support necessary to make you effective in your role to ensure you drive substantial cost benefits to your organisation by working with you on your achievable project. If you require help with a business case for Line manager’s approval, please download the ‘Business Case’ template in the download link.

    Both options have identical certificates, together with verification codes, and if you choose not to do this option, you can still do option 1 but we do not support work placed assignments or projects. If you are unsure about which option to take, please contact us.

  • Course Objectives

    Mission + Vision + Strategy + Plan = Value

    On successful completion of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Course you will be able to:

    • Improve your processes within the business by using Lean (waste removal) and Six Sigma (variation removal) as part of the DMAIC method
    • Undertake teaching and coaching of Yellow and Green levels and the tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma
    • Oversee a range of Business Improvements through dedicated teams lead by Green Belt practitioners to solve multi functional problems and interdependent processes
    • Be responsible for the overall delivery of a change transformation programme
    • Undertake the management of the realisation of benefits identified as part of the improvement programme
    • Briefing Senior Management / Boardroom regarding the Lean Six Sigma programme within the business organisation
    • Acceptance of high-level project challenges at the behest of the Senior Management / Boardroom
    • The identification and prioritisation of projects as part of the change programme within the business
    • Understand the need for correct data collection and how to analyse it in solving problems
    • Using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to solve problems and issues that will save staff time and business costs
    • DfSS for existing and new products or processes or services to achieve Six Sigma performance over their life cycle
    • Developing proactive Voice of the Customer analysis across the business
    • Prepare you for the next advancement award within the Lean Six Sigma discipline
    • Having a professional academic and vocational qualification in Business Improvement that is recognised in all industries throughout the world of business

    Course Completion

    Delivery of the two separate projects by the student (one supplied by Zenith Lean, the other can be issued as an extension of the first one - on request, or can be work based), using the storyboard twelve slide PowerPoint submission, each Project will be reviewed by our Master Black Belt, completion of the self assessed 100 Multiple Choice Questions, subject matter questions and answers reviewed through our bespoke one to one tutoring, overall tutor assessment.

  • Course Content

    Our Black Belt course delivers through the Yellow Belt, Lean Foundation and Green Belt learning objectives first as enablers, so that the student, who may have had no real time involvement in the discipline, can feel confident about taking on the course. Our unique one to one tutoring adds to our potential student’s confidence in completing the course.

    In the Black Belt course the two disciplines (Lean & Six Sigma) are combined at each of the various DMAIC stages.


    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Course folder

    Zeniths Black Belt course, whilst following the same syllabus and structure as the Green Belt course, has been further developed as a more in-depth approach to the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

    Introduction to Lean Six Sigma history, terminology and explanations, exercises on 8 Wastes and calculating Sigma, looking at the roles involved in Lean Six Sigma followed by the overview of the stages of Lean Six Sigma - Looking at the DMAIC certification and the project set up, understanding the Gate Review Process and the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) overview.

    Throughout all the chapters in the Black Belt course there are various exercises to show understanding of the subject matter using various downloadable templates or your own produced documents these will be assessed by your tutor, including the complete Lean Six Sigma Toolkit in excel.

    Define Phase

    Overview of the Define phase, understanding the use of the Project Charter and Quad of Aims, looking at problem statements, identifying their faults, followed by a problem statement exercise, understanding how to construct an In / Out of Scope document and where and when it is used, followed by your own problem statement exercise, the purpose and function of the SMART objectives and how to construct the goals, the importance and purpose of the SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers); where it is used and when, understanding why the need for Team Creation, how its importance is paramount to the project, looking at RACI (Responsible Accountable Communicate Involved) methodology, its function and when is should be used and looking at the need for precise communications planning, the use of the Voice of the Customer / CTQ’s, understanding the need to involve the stakeholders associated with the project and how to influence them in a positive way; using the Stakeholder Analysis methodology, looking at Project Planning, Risk Assessment and Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA), understanding the principles behind the project launch and using the project folder.

    Measure Phase

    System flowchart

    Looking at the different types of data, understanding Probability, what are measures and how they are used, looking at the purpose of Central Tendency Variation and understanding Deviation Mean and Variation, looking at Tampering and Graphical displays - Histograms, Dot Plots, Box Plots, Introduction to Minitab overview, looking at the fundamentals of Process Mapping and developing process maps with all relevant data using Zeniths unique process mapping tool, ZenMap©, the use of Takt (takt means ‘meter’ in German or ‘pulse’) time, and where it fits into the Lean intervention work, understanding the purpose of Lean Value Stream mapping with the importance on the 3 types of value, data collection planning and why it is essential whilst mapping the current state of a process, measurement systems analysis and Gauge R&R Sampling, the use of Process Capability, interpretation of Control Charts, Moments of Truth and the Theory of Constraints. Holistic tools such as Runners, Repeaters and Strangers and the psychology of Lean and visual techniques such as mapping, team charters, banner headlines and Kaizen.

    Analyse Phase

    Analyse phase overview, understanding the six steps to Analysis phase, the use of team brainstorming to identify problems and issues, using the Cause and Effect diagrams (Root Cause Analysis) better known as the Fishbone Diagram, looking at types of data analysis - Pareto Charts with the relationship to Runners, Repeaters and Strangers, (this is particularly useful for schedulers and planners!) Run charts, types of Sampling and their effects, the use of Frequency charts along with Confidence intervals, Hypothesis testing and Central Limit Theorem. Looking at T tests and F tests, ANOVA and Chi Squared, Design of Experiments, Regression and correlation, followed by the summary of Analyse Phase, Lean Beauty contest (a scientific approach to identifying various proposition to an improvement in the least wasteful way) Lean 2P (Process Planning - the method used to develop the Toyota Prius in record time).

    Improve Phase

    Note: this is where Six Sigma utilises Lean methodology in abundance. Without a good foundation in Lean principles and its focus on process waste (the 8 wastes), then the Black Belt as a competence is very limited. We are the only training provider to give the complete package.

    Efficiency, quality, speed & cost graph

    Improve phase overview, generating solutions and creativity, 5S, 5Cand 6S involving Visual and Display Management controls, looking at Little’s law, the purpose of the use of Takt time to drive efficient production and schedules (for services), Kanban, and Flow (Push v Pull). Lean Cells, principles of Lean and adherence, The Lean Morale curve, TPM & OEE, Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) its origin and the purpose and how it is utilised in changeover of resources, components and re- role of equipment, how to identify the use of where Poka Yoka is used and its purpose, why as a practitioner we need to understand the principles of Kaizen, Reducing Complexity, looking at the need for Standardization along with evaluating and selection solutions that involves Decision Matrix, pilot testing, Identifying solutions, Level Scheduling (heijunka), development of plans and programs for the implementation of the improvements, Operational health checks, Standard work (which means adhering to a quality standard - not standardization), Lean Thinking, one piece flow, Inventory management (buffer stock), why economies of scale are wasteful, Systems thinking (strategic Lean), Lean finance and why it is different to western accountancy practices (the focus is on cost not price). Ideal State mapping (team based out of the box thinking and techniques to influence positive change), Future State Mapping (advanced methodology using proposed ideas to develop action plans and commitment from all levels of the organisation) and much, much more!

    Control Phase

    Control Phase overview, DMAIC Step by Step summary, Define and validate Process Management, Developing Standard Work and Procedures, Implementation of Statistical Process Controls (SPC and Control Charts), Determining Process Capability, the use of Benefits Tracking and understanding the need for Cost Avoidance, Progression of meetings and Lean Reviews involving Project close out / handovers, Green Belt Project (supplied, service or manufacturing), visual management techniques, visual display techniques (they are quite different!), Policy Deployment (hoshin Kanri), the transformation ruler, Quality x-matrix for Lean, Key Performance Indicators and congruence, The Birth of the Balanced Scorecard and its comparison to Lean Policy Deployment.

    Completion of your achievable case study (Supplied by Zenith Lean) and sent to Tutor.

    Lean Framework

    Striving for excellence

    The Lean Framework gives you a unique insight into understanding the importance of a 6S/5S Audit Programme, how to develop the audit templates and their usages, how to carry out an audit, exercise in auditing, an in-depth look at the SMED principles and when it is used, completing a SMED exercise looking at how to set-up Kanbans, including the rules of Kanban, the need for triggers, establishment of Pull systems, looking at Flow, its important in a process and how to successfully map Flow, understanding the use of Poke Yoka (error proofing), its developer (Shingo) approach and the three types of error proofing.

    Commencement of your SECOND project.

    Policy Deployment (PD)

    Understanding how traditional management operated, looking at the modern approach to managing in business organisations, understanding the need to have a business vision, looking at the Japanese Hoshin Kanri, the Western approach to Policy Deployment (PD), how the Hoshin Kanri approach works, understand the need for annual reviews, an in-depth look at the six stages of PD using our Zenmat™ matrix, how to carry out policy deployment using the deployment flow chart, the need for staff and management "buy-in" using the "catch-ball" methodology.

    Completion of your SECOND project and sent to Tutor.

  • Features

    • Completely free - £thousands worth of templates to produce your own Lean Business System. Formats include:
      • Podcasts
      • Word Templates
      • Excel templates and Examples
      • PDF Info Sheets
      • Tools and Techniques recipe card
    • Team Roles Assessment - discover your role, your ideal team and how you contribute to the team - simple and easy to use but highly useful in designing your team
    • Videos
    • Personal tutor support- offering 24/7 feedback
    • On-line quizzes and practice assessment questions: giving instant feedback
    • Our online e-learning lessons: our subject specialists teach complex topics and invite you to interact to test your understanding
    • Our students’ favourite: our study buddy, a paper based guided learning resource created especially for distance learners, packed with essential step by step guidance, activities and learning tips from expert tutors delivered on completion of the online training as a referral tool (optional)

    FREE Software!

    • ZenStat© Tools and methods dashboard - our complete suite of automated templates and statistical applications! Making the data analysis easier
    • 5S and 6S Auditing software! A must for small and big businesses
    • ZENMap© Automated mapping software for real Lean professionals - you put the data in it tells you the rest
  • Benefits to you for doing this course

    Training benefits

    Our training is designed for all positions within any business environment whether it is manufacturing, retail or service, public or private sectors: general and departmental managers, change managers, project managers, supervisors, team leaders, business facilitators and individuals who will be leading improvement and change transformation programmes or just problem solving a process either in a full time capacity or part time.

    Even if you are not employed, the use of the tools and techniques can be applied using our flexible learning management system which gives you various choices or challenges to assist you in learning about Lean Six Sigma to enable you to compete effectively for new roles or positions. For example, can you apply the tools and techniques in the home? The answer is YES! Impress your family and friends by applying 5 or 6S to your garage. Pareto Analysis can be applied in everyday life - we can show you how!

    As a Lean Six Sigma consultant or practitioner you can offer your knowledge and expertise to businesses or organisations in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, and assist organisations to develop any improvement or transformational programme/change programme in their respective businesses. Many professionals are now finding that unless they have undergone a structured Lean Six Sigma Learning pathway, they will not be considered for contracts, and they come to us because of our extensive curriculum and syllabi that covers the whole subject and without bias between the two methodologies.

    Many organisations undertake Lean and Six Sigma transformations. Our certified qualification will set you apart from the competition when competing for new or existing roles.

    Graph showing improvment to success

    Many organisations requiremandatoryLean Six Sigma certification to apply for specific roles whilst other organisations justpreferLean Six Sigma certification when applying for jobs. This will be enough to set you apart from the crowd.

    You will have the ability to use and understand some of the tools and techniques in your current or future organisation, and even in the home.

    You will have the best training money can buy because Zenith has designed its course to suit all learning styles. Our courses are also very robust.

    Zenith can provide references for your job applications because we have excellent working relationships with our students.

    Our course will develop your awareness to become more proactive in solving problems within your current or future organisation.

    Our certification will give you a sound foundation to proceed further to achieve higher awards of Master Black belt as well as the ability to develop you techniques as a Senior Lean Consultant.

  • Certification

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Course Certificate from Zenith Lean Training

    On successful completion of the Yellow Belt phase, Lean Foundation and Green Belt (includes completed case study) milestones, you will receive through the post those certificates awarded for those qualifications. The Black Belt certificate will be awarded on a successful completion of the overall course that includes the case study or work-based project. Certification is awarded in accordance to the Lean Six Sigma Worldwide Industry recognised standard and is set IAW ISO 13053 Part 1 & 2.

    In total you will receive 3 beautifully hand crafted certificates which are embossed by hand with legal foils showing your certification.

  • The Course Overview

    Business colleagues training

    At Zenith Lean training we use many different and simple learning styles to train you on this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course. When applying Lean you will have the ability to recognise and know how to remove waste and prevent waste appearing by utilising specific and proven techniques, this in turn will give you a cost reduction to your organisation and at the same time improve productivity. When applying Six Sigma in your business it will give you the ability to reduce the variation in your processes, focusing on your customer’s requirements and improving the overall quality.

    Change Management is an important skill to have in order to drive the Lean Six Sigma transformation forward and at Zenith we include Change Management in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training package to enhance your skills.

    At Zenith Lean we recognise that the best way to learn is by putting your new found skills into practise. To this end and to assist you in this you will complete your two projects, one of which is supplied by Zenith Lean as a case study, the other you can supply yourself (option1). With both of the projects we will assist you using our one to one tutoring service.

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