Zenith’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is the first step in your journey in becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma Practitioner.

This is a unique course developed by Zenith since it encompasses Six Sigma and our Lean Foundation course; it is a specially designed course to give potential Lean Six Sigma practitioners an understanding of the two methodologies and how they can be used together, rather than just the Statistically biased course that prevails today without mentioning lean Thinking. This awareness can then generate the drive to move forward in the field of Lean Six Sigma to achieve Green or Black belt or a Lean Practitioner certification.

Many other training providers require you to undertake two separate courses to achieve a Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification and a Lean Foundation certification. With Zenith Lean you will get two courses in one, two certificates and you only pay for one course.


Why choose us?

  • We use the full, undiluted Lean and Six Sigma Curriculum
  • Our exams are secured to the ISO 13053 part 1 & 2 Standard
  • If you are not satisfied with our SCORM accredited online training, we will give you your money back plus 10%
  • The Course Delivery

    Online, In Public, In-House

    Zenith offers potential students the choice of two different methods of doing the course, either by open access workshop or using our bespoke online training facility, both types of course follow the same syllabus.

    Our open access one day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification course gives a brief explanation of the Lean Six Sigma basic principles and how to use them in your business or organisation. This course takes place in a suitable venue where our students feel they can develop and enhance their skills in the right environment working with other students. Throughout the day as well as tutor delivery there will be student participation in group and individual scenarios and well as simulations and exercises.

    Included in the cost of the one day course you will have access to our online training via the Zenith portal for one calendar month that begins on completion of the course.

    Our on-line training course is for individual students who wish to learn the methodology using the latest SCORM technology in the privacy of the own home or workplace and in their own time and at their own individual pace. The student will have the benefit of one calendar month to complete the course (duration online time approx ten hours).

  • Support

    Interaction with tutors can really add significant value to your learning experience!

    At Zenith you have access to an amazing pool of knowledge and experience! Our subject specialists have had long careers in the Lean Six Sigma profession, and have also been training managers and all work as consultants for a range of businesses. They are here to share their knowledge and experience with you, help you develop your understanding and guide you through the learning process. All specialists are available 24/7

    .At Zenith we will also give you "Life Time" support on completion of your course through email/Skype or telecon at no extra cost to you.

    Taking full advantage of our service and benefiting from working as part of a team can positively impact on your motivation and lead to great success. We are here to help and motivate you achieve your goal in a time and cost effective manner.

  • Who is it for?

    Lean manufacturing list of benefits

    This option is ideal for those who are, or will be, starting on the journey to Lean and Six Sigma or anyone else that is, or will be doing work placed Lean Six Sigma interventions within teams. This course is innovative, since you will also experience the Lean Foundation modules that all other training courses miss.

    It is ideal for those seeking a return to work, promotion and for those seeking a competitive edge when applying for new roles. Zenith provides all the support necessary to make you effective in your role to ensure you are competent and experienced in Lean Six Sigma, whether your motivation is personal or professional. If you require help with a business case for line manager’s approval, pleasecontact usfor a business case template.

  • Course Objectives

    Mission + Vision + Strategy + Plan = Value

    On completion of the course the Lean Six Sigma student will have the following:

    • An understanding the basic Six Sigma and Lean principles
    • An understanding of how to use Lean Six Sigma to solve problems
    • Will have the confidence to be able to explain why, how and when to use Lean Six Sigma
    • Will have knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma tools used
    • Will understand why Lean Six Sigma is a worldwide used methodology
    • Will be able to explain how to use Lean Sigma in an business organisation
  • Course Content

    As previously stated the course covers both methodologies that will include the DMAIC principles as well as the Lean Principles and tools.

    The course looks at the history, terminology and tools relating to Lean and Six Sigma. It shows how Lean and Six Sigma works, when are they used together, what the common issues and problems are and how to solve them in a structured methodology.

    Lean Foundation

    There are many methods of improvement in Lean and this part of the course looks at the basic requirements:

    Understanding Continuous Improvement, types of lean interventions (VSA-2P-RIE), the five principles of Lean (Value-Value Stream-Flow-Pull-Perfection), Identification of the eight wastes; TIM WOODS (Transportation-Inventory-Motion-Waiting-Overprocessing-Overproduction-Defects-Skills), understanding value and non value elements, basic problem solving, Process Mapping, 6S and 5S principles workplace set-up; One Piece Flow-Standard Work-Pull-6S (Sort-Straighten-Scrub-Standardise-Safety-Sustain).

    Six Sigma Methodologies

    An overview of Six Sigma that includes its origins, how it can affect the daily working life, understanding the levels of Sigma, key concepts, Statistical tools, Six Sigma environment and the roles in Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology (Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control)

    Define Phase

    Understanding the use of the following: problem statements, Project Charters and Quad of Aims, Process Mapping, the use of a SIPOC, Stakeholder Analysis, Critical to Quality (CTQ) and the purpose of the Voice of the Customer (VOC).

    Measuring Phase

    Understanding the use of the following: The types of data and the basic use of statistics, how to understand the requirements of data collection, Process Flowchart, Value Stream Mapping, benchmarking, Voice of the Customer gathering, how to use basic sampling along with the need for process capability.

    Analyse Phase

    Efficiency, quality, speed & cost graph

    Understanding the use of the different types of analysis methods: Histograms, Pareto Chart, Time Series/Run charts, Scatter Plot, Cause and Effect diagram, Five Whys, Hypothesis Testing and Non-Normal Data Analysis.

    Improve Phase

    Understanding the use of the different types of improve methods using; the Lean tool box, creativity and idea generation (brainstorming), mistake proofing, solutions selection, planning for control, Failure Modes and Effects analysis (FMEA) and simulation software.

    Control Phase

    Understanding the use of the different types of control methods and techniques using; Process Sigma Calculations, Control Charts, error proofing, cost savings calculations and Control Plans, Key Performance Indicators and implementation plans that apportion responsibility to individuals or groups.

    Benefit Realisation

    Understanding the purpose of the realisation of the benefits that can be achieved using the Lean Six Sigma methods, what benefits tracking should be used for and what it should not be used for.

  • Features

    • Completely free - £thousands worth of templates to produce your own Lean Business System. Formats include:
      • Podcasts
      • Word Templates
      • Excel templates and Examples
      • PDF Info Sheets
      • Tools and Techniques recipe card
    • Team Roles Assessment - discover your role, your ideal team and how you contribute to the team - simple and easy to use but highly useful in designing your team
    • Videos
    • Personal tutor support- offering 24/7 feedback
    • On-line quizzes and practice assessment questions: giving instant feedback
    • Our online e-learning lessons: our subject specialists teach complex topics and invite you to interact to test your understanding
    • Our students’ favourite: our study buddy, a paper based guided learning resource created especially for distance learners, packed with essential step by step guidance, activities and learning tips from expert tutors delivered on completion of the online training as a referral tool (optional)

    FREE Software!

    • ZenStat© Tools and methods dashboard - our complete suite of automated templates and statistical applications! Making the data analysis easier
    • 5S and 6S Auditing software! A must for small and big businesses
    • ZENMap© Automated mapping software for real Lean professionals - you put the data in it tells you the rest
  • Benefits to you for doing this course

    Training benefits

    Many organisations undertake Lean and Six Sigma transformations. This qualification will set you apart from the competition when competing for new or existing roles.

    Many organisations require mandatory Lean Six Sigma certification to apply for specific roles whilst other organisations prefer Lean Six Sigma certification when applying for jobs.

    You will have the ability to use and understand some of the tools and techniques in your current or future organisation.

    You will have the best training money can buy because Zenith has designed its course to suit all learning styles. The course is also very robust.

    Zenith can provide references for your job applications because we have excellent working relationships with our students.

    It will develop your awareness to become more proactive in solving problems within your current or future organisation.

    It will give you a sound foundation to proceed further to achieve higher awards of Green and Black Belt as well as the ability to develop your techniques as a Lean Practitioner. It will give you a greater understanding of the Six Sigma and Lean - principles and methods.

    You will achieve the highest standard for Lean Foundation and Yellow Belt Six Sigma and be awarded your Lean Certification and your Yellow Belt Certification. 2 certificates for the price of one!

  • Certification

    On successful completion of the Yellow Belt and Lean Foundation phases, you will receive through the post those certificates awarded for those qualifications. The Yellow Belt certificate will be awarded on a successful completion of the course.

    In total you will receive 2 beautifully hand crafted certificates which are embossed by hand with legal foils showing your certification.

  • The Course Overview

    Business colleagues training

    Zenith’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Foundation course has been developed to give people a basic understanding of how to achieve improvements through the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

    The terms Lean and Six Sigma are methodology terms that businesses and organisations throughout the world are very familiar with in driving change and implementing improvements.

    This introduction to Yellow Belt and Lean Foundation is not to train you in all the tools of Six Sigma and Lean but to give you an overview and awareness of the methodology before venturing forward with the higher Green and Black Belt levels.

    Throughout the online course there is suitable documentation to download; further information in pdf format, usable templates that you can rebrand and use for yourself, exercises to complete and receive feedback from your personal assigned tutor. This facility can also be accessed by those who complete the one day open access course.

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