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Business coaching

Companies and individuals often ask us; what are the first steps in transforming our business? What are we doing wrong? We ‘do’ Lean and/or Six Sigma, but we cannot sustain results - why? We only need to look at the discussions on social and professional media platforms to see so called ‘experts’ asking the same questions!

The reality is simple. Lean Thinking not only develops organisations and cultures, it is a process in itself! If the process is not undertaken, chances are you will fail - and most do. Why?

Well, to start with, would your organisation consider undertaking a ‘Transformation Plan of Care’ (TPOC)? If so, then you are starting on the road to success - but you need real experts with real time experience.

Zero risk

At Zenith, we know how reticent organisations are when engaging with consultancies. We are not consultants who "teach without you doing", or where "you ask and we tell". The Lean approach through the use of coaches or Sensei’s is the correct method. We know the questions customers are going to ask and already know: Exorbitant costs, not sure what the outcomes will be, no guaranteed Return on Investment etc ... That is why we will not charge you!

You may ask how. And indeed, with many change agents, it can be said that the intangibility of that engagement can be off putting and quite right too.


Business innovation, ideas & creativity

With Lean thinking, provided the intention is positive (for staff), and plans for improvement are followed through with Lean Thinking, results are ALWAYS forthcoming and profitable, often up to 70%!


We can visit your site for one day and draw up a comprehensive analysis of the main issues and benefits, both cashable and Intangible. From this, you can decide whether to engage with us further. Zenith is a results driven, Zero risk, zero fee facilitation company. Your results are our results. Simple.

Operational Health-Check

Have you ever wondered how healthy your operations are? Please contact us for a free operational Health-Check.


Zenith has the most complete and engaging media for training Lean principles and Six Sigma methods. Visit our training pages to view our training programs and click the downloads link to view our course catalogue.

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